Debby Combs

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Debby Combs Art

Debby Combs’ artistic inspirations spring from the vibrance of nature and the joy she receives from it, hoping she can bring that same joy to her viewers. Debby’s vibrant and varied pieces contain elements of realism and impressionism. As re-emerging artist, Debby is focused on improving her craft; staying true to her vision of creating work that shows nature’s beauty, peaceful scenes, and joy-filled moments.

As a child I was accident prone (ok, clumsy) so instead of sports, my mother took me to art classes. That was safer. Once I hit high school I gravitated to as many art classes in school as my class schedule would allow. I had a scholarship for art, but chose a different route, business.

For the next 37 years I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human resources and organizational development. I worked at the airport (CVG), Ohio National Financial Services and at Partners for a Competitive Workforce though the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

I always appreciated the arts and dreamed of the day I could have the time and space to do more creating, painting and drawing. In May 2020 this dream came to realization, and I started my new chapter of life which includes focusing on art and learning as much as I can.

My true masterpieces are my marriage to my supportive husband and a special blessing of three amazing children, all who now are grown and living their lives.

Come visit the “Happy Place”, Studio #111 surrounded by artist and art lovers. Just like YOU!

Debby Combs Art
Loveland Art Studios on Main, Studio #111

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