Current Studio Spaces Available

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Please contact Shawn Custis for up-to-date information regarding studios that are available:
EMAIL: shawncustis@studiosonmain.com
OFFICE: 513.683.7283
CELL: 513.235.6700
FAX: 513.683.1001

Renting Studio Space

Shawn and Chandra Custis are the owners of Loveland Art Studios on Main, and their goal is to provide a safe, clean, exciting environment for artists and the public.

  • Studio tenants make decisions about shows and openings as a group.
  • All gas, electric, and heat are provided. (There is no central air.) Building insurance will not cover an artist studio‚Äôs contents.
  • Sales opportunities include Second Saturday Open House, Mother’s Day Sale, and Holiday Open House, as well as the ability to meet your customers in your own space.
  • For more information about open studios listed or to be added to our waiting list, please contact Shawn Custis at shawncustis@studiosonmain.com or 513-683-7283.

Second Saturday

Periodically, studios are open to the public on the second Saturday of each month from 6-10 PM. While you are not obliged to participate in a Second Saturday event, we encourage you to have your studio open for browsing. Most artists find this time productive, and many make sales and even gallery connections on these nights.

In 2018, we will re-launch our Second Saturday tradition with gallery openings, children’s art shows, and more.

Open House Opportunities

As a tenant, you are free to conduct an open house or to have customers visit you any time you’d like.

Our Gallery

The gallery space is located on the first floor straight in from the main entrance and is used to display artwork from artists in the building and hold special events.