Music Classes

Eric Blume
Drum Lessons

Jeremy Cotton
Guitar, Bass, and Piano Lessons
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Art Classes

Cameron Suter
Studio: 2
Painting, Drawing, Digital Art

Online art mentorships as flexible, focused, and affordable alternatives to traditional art schooling.  His program currently offers three distinct pathways students can follow:

  • Foundations Pathway: For those looking to start or advance their fundamental skills, open to both beginners and seasoned artists alike. Develop skills such as drawing believable 3D forms, perspective, color theory, figure drawing, and much more as one’s goals require.
  • Concept Art Pathway: For those interested in designing their own characters, creatures, and worlds—particularly for those aspiring to work in the film and game industries. Learn workflows to create truly unique designs and the steps needed to advance as a professional Concept Artist.
  • Digital Illustration Pathway: A more advanced option for those seeking an in-depth exploration of composition, lighting and storytelling within a single image. Learn the stages of developing a digital painting from thumbnailing, to color mock-ups, to blocking in forms, to laying in final details.

Prospective students begin with a free 20-minute consultation call to determine the most suitable pathway for one’s interests and goals. The full program consists of four, one-hour sessions, ideally held weekly.  Each session contains a live demo in Photoshop to demonstrate techniques, time to answer questions, give feedback on weekly assignments, and discuss next-steps forward.  For best results, students are expected to dedicate 8–12 hours to their assignments between sessions.

Individual sessions can also be scheduled for those looking for feedback on a specific piece, or to talk-through options of moving forward on their own.

Email to schedule your free consultation today!  More information can be found at

Kim Wanamaker
Studio 116

  • Painting and Drawing: adults, private or group, Tuesday-Thursday, 1.5 hr class options between 10-7pm.
  • Drawing and Painting: kids 6-8 years old, 4:30-5:30 pm Thursday, 1 hour lessons
  • Drawing and Painting: Kids 9-12, 6-7 pm Thursday, 1 hour lessons

Tom Post
Studio 101
Drawing and Painting